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CoolHunting.com / Nómada Collection

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Hailing from Santiago, Chile, industrial designer Abel Cárcamo blends contemporary aesthetics with traditional materials, resulting in timeless tables, vases, lamps and even clothing. His latest project, the NÓMADA Collection, was made in collaboration with fellow designer Carlos León Astorga and features conical stools with storage space and minimalist side tables. Cárcamo stays true to his design principles by crafting the pieces from lenga—the native wood of Patagonia, Chile—and an aluminum that’s been finished with an electrostatic paint.

Each stool is delivered in three parts: two aluminum base structures (one that serves as the storage compartment) and a wooden lid. hat also function as storage space. Similarly, the three-legged side tables are comprised of just a few pieces, and the clean lines are understated but striking. Their simple geometric shapes and muted colors stand out by blending in.

Contact Cárcamo to inquire about price and shipping. Be sure to also check out the designer’s previous projects, including his ceramic and woven straw lighting fixtures.



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Stgo Diseño 2015


Miércoles 21 hasta el Sábado 24, Feria Edifica – Expo Hormigón ICH donde en esta versión estuvo Stgo Diseño organizado por Revista Ambientes, y se expuso la linea Nómada junto a Abel Daniel Cárcamo Segovia, muchas gracias a todos por el constante apoyo.